Anna's path in sacred healing arts started at an early age, with training in Energetic Medicine. She quickly expanded her knowledge into many

modalities while at college including Shiatsu, Hot Stones, Fascia Release, CranioSacral Work and Intuitive Bodywork.

Meanwhile working at Australian Bush Flower Essences she became one of their teachers, as well as a Reiki Master and Yoga Dance Facilitator, before she naturally moved into the realms of Ancient Hawaiian Massage.

 Continuing her KaHuna training into being Australia's leading Heartworks facilitator, thanks to Mette Sorenson's mentorship, and supporting hundreds of students to embark and master the art of Lomi Lomi. 


Her post graduate qualification took her far in her field travelling as an assistant teacher with Hugh Milne in the Art of Visionary CranioSacral Work.

Igniting a passion and love for The Heart of Listening Work,

that he is so profound at delivering. 


Recently her co-creation ventures with the mastermind of Jaymie Medlyn have taken the coding of healing at tables and workshops into the birthing the magic journey that is Shemana Skincare. 


Fusing all these paradigms together, Shemana Therapies has been birthed into being.... welcoming the alchemy of ancient healing modalities with modern anatomical understanding, welcoming fluid tide work to merge with massage techniques and combining it all into the ritual of sacred crystalline elixirs to enhance potential and alignment on all levels. 


"With intention based work i believe the alchemy of healing is found in presence and stillness of the practitioner, adapting to what is needed in the moment is essential. Centering it all through the gateway of your heart to follow the dance of dynamic movement and sacred stillness."


High Integrity, walk your talk, inspire through being. 

Presence above all else, and an open heart.

Holding sacred space and then letting it flow.

Trust in the higher plan and surrender to the magic of all that is. 

Access higher states of potential and anchor it in the here and now.