20 Sep 2018

I thought it was just me! 

a hurricane looming off the coast of Hawaii, a storm surge warning and we find our mermaid clan heading to the volcano to rest in the sweet cabin of our first Ballet Teacher. 

But as i return and synchronistically move house while planning the...

14 Jul 2018

Can you feel the surge of inward movement and focus to self?

As well as some powerful astrological influence currently taking place, it is also the Winter calling us home ...

 so important to nourish and care for our internal chi before the expanse of Summer is present a...

13 Jun 2018

Winter Solstice will be in the Southern Hemisphere at 8.07pm Thursday 21st June. 

As this shortest day of the year approaches we are often moved inward

to the deeper layers, this can be such a powerful time to meditate

and honour the silent spaces between moments, between...

10 Apr 2018

We are thrilled to be featured in the April edition of Harper's Bazaar.

When they name you as one of the beauty industries brightest new stars and poised to be the product that everyone wants, we can't help but get that happy heart, soul glow satisfaction that we're on...

31 Jan 2018

Super-Blood-Blue-Full Moon!  Woah! Sound like a big one yeah?... Weeeell, in actual fact "big" things are happening in the celestial realms all the time. When the full moon comes around, there is a tendency to hype up the happenings, often leaving people feeling like t...

3 Dec 2017

Tonights supermoon in Gemini is the last of the year and 

first in a trilogy of lunar influence. 

I can always feel the tides shift as a Gemini Moon rises and my mind does the leaps and hurdles of its ultimate Air quality. And with mercury (the ruling planet of Gemi...

20 Nov 2017

A favourite poem popped up on my insta feed today...

"The only Transformer and Alchemist that turns everything to Gold is Love. The only magic against death, ageing, ordinary life, is Love." Anais Nin 

And it reminded me i haven't shared with you all about our...

3 Nov 2017

The tides have turned with this full moon and it's important to anchor into who we are in this present time. 

Most of us have had a big journey leading to the now, so this weekend savour in presence and honour all aspects of who you have grown into. 

Lunar ritual 


23 Oct 2017

1. integrity, so i can make sure every product is blessed to the highest potential frequency and the blending standard of Shemana shines through each perfume and botanical active formula. 

2. meditation, each manufacturing day is a day of full presence and focus. aligne...

5 Oct 2017

This Aries Moon welcomes a cyclic nature of honouring our dynamic self 

and what we bring to the world around us.

So i felt a Sunrise Ritual reflected the rising light of our inner power. 


Find a place to connect to the elements, outside if...

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