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Creating cosy feels is about more than physical comfort—it's about nurturing your soul and harnessing a space where you can unwind, recharge, and find joy.

This Cancerian Season invites a deep nurturing of self by customising rituals and self care practises that allow a complete sense of renewal so we may give authentically to those we love. 

1. Morning Rituals
Starting each day with an honouring of self.

Taking the time to tune in to our own feels through meditation, yoga or intention based mindfulness. Incorporating self focused morning time can take some practise to commit to, and to integrate the members of our households to honour as well. It took me a good year of announcing meditation time before my child learnt to accept it as normal, now its completely honoured by all in the house, that my 20 mins is non negotiable. This meditation time creates a customisation to my energy that allows me to then come out of my chrysalis each morning and be authentically available for others. This to me is Cancer behaviour clear boundaries honouring authentic energy and capacities. 

2. Sacred Space
Designate time each week to create your personal sanctuary.

This can be as simple as a night in the bath or with a good book. One night or morning a week when the house is quiet and you can focus inward with self massage, make tea, write in your journal, redesign your altar or create an intentional ritual. 

3. Mindful Moments

Find moments daily to pause and center yourself. 

Such as the simple act of consciously brewing your favourite tea, sitting quietly and luxuriating in its warmth, allowing the flavours to register, and the warmth to encompass you whole being. Imagine the warmth like a pillar expanding from core to beyond your skin cleansing and clearing and filling you up with its cosiness. 
Or perhaps a simple Breathing Exercises : take 3 deep and powerful breaths, inhaling peace and exhaling stress, grow your awareness to encompass and take ownership of your own states of mind. 

4. Evening Wind Down
Transition from the hustle of the day to the serenity of the night.

Lighting candles, turn music on, take a shower and massage yourself in oils. 
Turn off screens, allowing your sense of self and your awareness of your own feels to be a luxury. 
perhaps a bathing ritual - such as " Create your Inner Sanctuary" with a soak of Lunar Moonstone Bath Powder and a generous pour of Heart Activation Oil to create a temple of your inner sanctuary. 

5. Personalising Your Space

Invest in your own sense of cosy. 
Soft Textiles, warm lighting, soundscapes to enhance the atmosphere.
Spray Savasana for awakened surrender and Dream Mist to gentle welcome peace into your mind before slumber or journalling. 

By incorporating these rituals and self-care practices, you can transform your inner sanctuary into a cozy luxurious healing haven that nurtures your well-being. Remember, the key is consistency and finding what truly resonates with you. 

Enjoy customising your cosy, welcome the knowing you deserve it. 

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