A ritual for your HEART

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Its time now for heart healing. This elixir supports forgiveness, openness and healing to the heart... it is a pure gift of love, made with love, for your lovely self. 
This is a sacred ritual and with it is a beginning and an end. Firstly create the space... on the floor, in the bath or in bed to listen to your hearts voice. 
Like tea with an old friend, ask your heart how it feels. Listen with compassionate ears, knowing that there is layers to healing our heart stories. 
Perhaps there is a person who sits in your heart now, a wound or a past love. If so.... call in the higher self of this person, speak clearly from your heart all that needs to be said. When spoken include the four sacred clearing lines of ancient Hawaiian Philosophy ..... "I am Sorry, I forgive you, Thank you and I love you" Now Imagine yourself as this person and receive your words. 
With compassion and clarity now pour Shemana Heart Oil into your hands. Gently give a sacred blessing by blowing your loving thoughts into the oil. 
Massage this sacred elixir of healing into your Heart area - focus on your breasts, Heart center, around your sternum, and between your ribs. Opening new spaces for the light to get in. offering healing and harmony to your heart stories and also your physical being. 
Continue to massage and welcome in emotional support to your body and heart. Consciously release any attachments, limitations, cording, and wounds from your body and field. allowing the crystal and flower elixirs to harmonise and activate ultimate states. 
Finish by placing your hands on your heart. Breathing in love and as you exhale surrender even more. Let your body completely relax and receive into an awakened receptive space of love. 

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