Ancient Huna Wisdom

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We have been very lucky to have been handed down Hawaiian Wisdom by some of the great Kahunas of our time.Like stories from many of our lands...  much knowledge has been lost due to unfortunate events, and thankfully, resurfaced in this time of remembering and a hopeful, moving towards unity.  Simple philosophies about overcoming limitations that no longer serve and creating your own reality, can have profound effect on everyday living. Ancient practises, such as Lomi Lomi and H'oponopono are potentised by Huna Life Philosophy such as.....     Seven principles of Huna  Ike the world is what you think it is. Much like seeing the glass half full or half empty, this philosophy honours how we translate the world based on our own perspective...  how are you seeing your life, through what lens? Kala there are no limitations Limitations were set to give us boundaries in the game of life... to wear shoes to school or get a well paying job. And sometimes we hold on to these limits longer than necessary without questioning if they are serving us.... Which boundaries are no longer relevant to your decision making? MakiaEnergy flows where attention goesWhat are you focusing on? Where can you direct your focus to enhance your life? Mana All power comes from withinBreath and feel your life-force ignite. Give power back to your own self.What ignites and inspires you? What gives you energy? ManawaPresence is the key.Let go of the past, release fears and expectations.Who are you right now? How can you be more present in your life? Aloha To love brings me happiness. This is bigger than hello and goodbye... Aloha is a way of being, to share this moment brings me joy, to love you in this moment makes me happy. Greet everyone with loving kindness... lets do our part to make this world a better place Pono Trust your truth. Flow like water, choose the path thats right for you, listen to your own inner voice. What is your truth? What is right for you in this moment?     

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