Become a Healing Arts Alchemist...

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Shemana Therapies Training Program is a Mandala of my work to date. Together we will activate deeper spaces within ourselves and with our clients.  This is a call out to all yoga teachers, healers and bodyworkers wanting to enhance their skills and explore the sacred depths of healing arts. Inspiring rituals, cleansing techniques and temple space combine to support your practise to new heights and depths.   During this exploration you will learn techniques from modalities such as Cranio-Sacral, Elixir Therapy, Hawaiian Massage, Energetic Medicine and Holistic Balancing, As well as working with the fascia, anatomical awareness and energetic anatomy, we will create rituals for self care, clearing, grounding and deepening your skills and practise.   All courses include the gift of Shemana Elixirs, Rituals and Sacred Circle space. These workshops will be run as a full day workshop or as a temple therapies retreat to explore all four series. First run will be in the Byron Shire this Winter.  If you are longing for more and ready for the next level, please tune in with how we can support you and your work, and enhance your potential as a healing arts alchemist.  Click here for more info on Shemana Therapies Workshops : The Art of Temple Alchemy   

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