Creation Integrity

Posted by Anna Whiting on

We are happy to sit behind the magic of these elixirs. There is a sense of soul path that comes with the work we do together. The fact our nostrils like and detest the same smells, that the wisdom we have separately accumulated over our life to date fits together and compliments each others, and yet our values and integrity with what we do is unwavering. If you know us, you know we are quiet until asked the right question and then, you best be ready as we have a mission, a journey of creation, integrity and we do not stand down from it. And it is with significant meaning it is called Shemana, but that is a separate blog. Each elixir we have sat with, meditated upon, found the perfect combination for the intention and then made by hand with ancient alchemical ways. Each crystal is hand picked and each flower is waited upon till full bloom. We mix each remedy and when in bottle the drops of sacred essences are hand dropped in sequence and then blessed by Jaymie or myself. Who then signs the bottle, yes at some point we may have to allow a label machine to help us with this... but right now, all by hand.. every drop. From thought, to vision to bottled product, with integrity meditation and heart codes.  Hope you enjoy!! 

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