Doorway to the New.

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Dive into the depths of luxury this weekend as we immerse ourselves in the enchanting embrace of the Deep Blue. With the celestial spectacle of a divine new moon eclipse in Pisces, we surrender to the profound currents of our sensitivities and intuition.

These extraordinary eclipses serve as grand gateways to the new, marking the closure of past chapters and the dawn of an exquisite new phase in our lives. Inspired by this celestial juncture, I am compelled to craft a ritual unlike any other, transcending my usual Full Moon ceremonies.

New Moon Pisces, Solar Eclipse Ritual
Sunday, 26th February 2017

Submerge yourself in the element of water; whether it's a tranquil stroll to a serene waterhole, a pilgrimage to the majestic ocean, or a luxurious soak in the tub, let your soul be guided. Surrender to the fluid embrace of the water, allowing its rhythm to harmonize with the depths of your being. Release any tensions, relinquish any holds, and find solace in the natural ebb and flow of your essence. (In the realm of craniosacral therapy, envision your spine moving gracefully like a dolphin, shedding the erratic movements of trauma akin to a shark. Embrace your inner dolphin, my dear friends!)

After your immersive experience, return to the earth and lavish your body with the nurturing touch of your chosen oil—I, for one, favor the enchanting Dream Oil. Embrace the potentiality that surrounds you as you tenderly care for your physical vessel. Pay heed to any areas that beckon for attention, and lavish them with the loving care they deserve.

Now, recline upon the ground and open your heart to the boundless expanse of the sky. Allow your mind to roam freely, unshackled by earthly concerns. Absorb the cosmic energies that abound, for this moment is ripe with support and opportunity for transformation. Permit new thoughts and dreams to gently weave their way into the fabric of your being.

Settle into this sacred space and welcome the fullness of your being to land and ground.

Quench your thirst with a generous glass of water and ignite the flames of illumination with a candle or two. Let their gentle glow serve as a beacon, guiding you toward the brilliance of all that awaits. Celebrate the magnificent tapestry of your existence and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Embrace the essence of luxury as you embark on this journey of self-discovery and renewal.

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