Doorway to the New.

Posted by Anna Whiting on

We may feel like we are swimming in the Deep Blue this weekend! With a divine new moon eclipse in Pisces we immerse into the depth of our sensitivities and intuition. These awesome eclipses are like open doorways to the new, signifying a closing of a previous chapter and the beginning of a new phase of our lives.Hence, i am super inspired to write a ritual at this new moon juncture instead of my usual Full Moon ceremonies xNew Moon Pisces, Solar Eclipse Ritual. Sunday 26th Feb 2017Immerse yourself in water ; take a walk to a waterhole, go to the ocean or even have a long soak in the tub : whichever sings to you. As long as it takes... Surrender into this water source and feel this fluid element harmonise with your own inner rhythm. Open into the natural fluid tide within your spine and let go of any tension, holding or disharmonies. ( In craniosacral, we like to think of a healthy spine moving like a dolphin, and a nervous system in trauma moves like a shark... so get your dolphin on, my friends! ) After your long immersion, sit down upon the earth or floor and take some time to massage your body with an oil of choice, here mine would be Dream Oil. Welcome a sense of potential as you nurture your physical form. Notice any areas that feel numb or tingly and spend extra time opening these spaces with your self care. Lay down now, and open your heart to the sky, allow your mind to be free! Meaning; don't let it get hooked into anything, just float on your thoughts and breath. Let yourself draw in the energy of the cosmos; this time is really supportive and juicy for change. So allow new thoughts and dreams to drift into your heart. Settle here and welcome all that you are to land and ground.Drink a huge glass of water and light a candle or two this night to illuminate all that is to come. Celebrate all you are and all your life can be x

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