Dream Collection

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This gentle space of a waning moon inspires a sense of magic, as the dawn of a new season's cycle opens into the potential of release. We make space for new creation and allow a gentle opening from the inner world.Hence, I am guided to write about this new collection of Shemana offerings ... predominately Crystalline Dream Oil, infused with a remedy to inspire and awaken your dreams.Held by the easily absorbed fractionated coconut oil, which is perfect for coating yourself in before you slip into slumber, as it does not stain sheets and settles on the skin like a dry oil. Mixed with Camellia Oil, extracted from the seeds of the Camellia flower for its wonderful properties and luxurious texture. The sensory journey of esssential oils is a delicate blend of Vanilla, Lavender and Sandalwood to guide us into an enchanted peaceful space. This collection is activated by a very powerful trinity of crystals ; Jade, Apophyllite and Black Onyx.Jade is for the mastery of dream state, both in the subconscious realms and waking worlds, it has a quality of aligning life to the inner wisdom discovered in dreams and allowing them to translate into reality.Apophyllite opens us to higher visions of intuitive nature and connects us to astral spaces of flight.Black Onyx welcomes peace and grounded self awareness by dissolving stress and offering support to simplify life.Together they allow inspiration to be awakened and deepest desires to be revealed, so that dreams may come actualised and into reality. With such a powerful crystal trinity, we felt to hold space with the divine and delicate Slender Rice Flower, this white cluster of flowers is known for its benefits with wholism, harmony and bridging. Holding  a gentle space to nurture all that you are and support all your dreams into fruition. A wonderful support for your skin, for your subconscious and for the world you are creating.Available also in Mist form to gently spray around your sleep space or in meditation to aid in the sacred inner journey. Receive 25% off our entire dream collection this week using code : dreamblogincluding our lovely new Dream Kit, with dream oil,  mist and a dream catcher making kit. Complete with the inner web working already done, you are ready to string up favourite pieces of lace, leather and beading. 

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