Embrace the natural darkness

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Absolutely, let's infuse this with some assertive energy:


Embracing your space is non-negotiable during this Moon cycle, as the stars align to grant us invaluable moments of connection with our inner strength. Directing this energy purposefully can catalyze our ascent to greater heights. We're poised to waltz gracefully with the natural ebb of darkness this season, embracing the inward pilgrimage.

It's time, folks! Time to prepare our sanctuaries for the winter's hibernation. As daylight wanes and temperatures plummet, we turn inward to replenish ourselves.

Ahead of the year's darkest night, let's harness the radiant glow of this full moon to invigorate our homes and banish the shadows from every nook and cranny. It's an opportunity to establish fresh altars and cleanse our crystals, to purify ourselves with salt baths and oils, nurturing our skin for the colder months ahead. Out with the old clothes and clutter, making space for light and air to permeate our beings.

With dusk heralding the rise of the full moon tomorrow, seize this moment to inhale deeply and release completely. Allow the crisp winter air to flood your lungs, drawing the celestial bodies' brilliance into your essence, igniting your inner radiance and resilience. Bid farewell to the past cycle and tether yourself firmly to the present, channeling your breath from crown to sole.

As our orbits draw closer, prioritize your time with cherished souls, honoring the energies that resonate with you in this phase. Respect your boundaries amidst those in your outer circle.

Let this winter be a season of rebirth, a prelude to spring's emergence. Illuminate the darkness with the flicker of candles and flames, within your spirit, your core, and your abode.

I urge you to craft a new altar, a shrine to your inner fortitude and aspirations for this twilight season. Pen your intentions and wishes, placing them ceremoniously upon it. (In my winter sanctuary, pyrite symbolizes life's spark, feathers remind me to keep my heart light, Shaman Mist grounds me, and my pendulum serves as a conduit to my higher self.)

Draw strength daily from your altar, kindling your candle and enveloping yourself in mist. Meditate here, honoring your magical intentions with every thought and breath.


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