Embrace the natural darkness

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Finding space for yourself is a must this Moon cycle, with support from the stars allowing us some much needed connection time to our inner power. Channelling this in the right direction can be the shift to the next level. Dancing with the natural darkness of this season and embracing the inward journey. Its time people! Its time to get our spaces clear for the winter's hibernation. As the days are shorter and the nights are colder, we retract into ourselves and restore. Before the darkest night of the year, lets utilise this full moon illumination to charge up our homes and clear out the corners. Set up new altars and cleanse our crystals.  Salt swims and baths, oil up to nourish your winter skin. Clear out old clothes and cupboards. And as you do let more light and breath into your body. Early evenings with candles burning and lots of meditation time to support thenatural turn inward. As the sun sets and the full moon rises tomorrow, take this opportunity to breath deep and exhale fully. Allow the crisp winter air to fill your lungs, and draw the night stars into your core filing you up with inner light and power. Release the last cycle and anchor to this new and present time, by gathering your breath from crown to feet. As we close in, our orbits with others also close in, so allow your precious time to be spent with precious beings. Honour your truth around the aligned energies for you in this time. And honour yourself, around those on your outer orbit, with clear boundaries.Let this winter be a time for renewal, before the spring's emergence. Light up the darkness with candles and fires, in your heart, belly and home.I encourage you to make a fresh altar honouring your inner strength and intentions for this darker season. write intentions to place upon it and any special wishes for these coming months.  (My winter altar is filled with pyrite to represent the spark of life, feathers to remind me to stay light in my heart, Shaman Mist to anchor and ground and my pendulum which offers me clear answers from my higher self.)Draw in empowerment from your altar everyday, by lighting your candle and spraying mist  around your body. Take time to meditate here and honour your magical intentions with your thoughts or breath. 

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