Eye of the Storm

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It feels like I'm not alone in this whirlwind! A hurricane swirling near Hawaii, a storm surge warning issued, and here we are, our mermaid community seeking refuge near the volcano, nestled in the cozy cabin of our beloved Ballet Teacher.

As I return amidst the chaos, synchronistically moving homes while orchestrating the launch of our latest products, I realize the storm surge isn't just meteorological—it's an energetic force. The hurricane becomes a metaphor for the intense upheaval, catalyzing rapid shifts and transformations.

Amidst this frenzy, carving out sacred moments for self-care becomes paramount. I've distilled seven two-minute rituals aimed at fostering a connection to potential states and embracing the flow to cultivate ease amidst the chaos.

**2-Minute Rituals:**

1. **Watering the Plants:**
Grab your favorite jug and as you pour water, tap into the water element within yourself. What manifestation of water are you embodying today? Invite the fluidity of a flowing river and let the act of watering your plants cleanse your internal landscape with abundance and clarity.

2. **Saging the House:**
Where there's frantic energy, there's often stagnation. Light some sage and gently waft it around the corners of your home, ushering in a shift in energy to invite clarity and renewal.

3. **Refreshing/Curating Your Altar:**
Dedicate a small space adorned with sacred objects—flowers, candles, pictures. Keep it pristine and refresh it daily. Let each glance at this altar be a moment to pause, breathe, and reconnect. Consider even sitting here for a brief respite. Breathe!

4. **Savasana Mist:**
Spritz yourself lightly with Savasana mist and sink into moments of surrendered awakening. Spritz before cooking to savor the process, before making decisions to ease the weight, or at day's end to unwind and be fully present with loved ones.

5. **Silken Skin:**
After a shower, while still damp, apply Alchemy or Heart Oil generously over your body. The moisture aids absorption, making application effortless and indulgent.

6. **Brew Some Tea:**
Prepare a slow-infusing tea for the afternoon, allowing each sip to envelop you in warmth and presence, anchoring you to the moment before any movement forward.

7. **Pre-Meal Stretch:**
Prior to every meal, take a few deep breaths and stretch your body, inviting a moment of connection with your physical self. Nourish it with each inhale, expanding your awareness of self.

In the midst of life's tempests, these brief rituals serve as anchors, grounding us in the present and infusing even the most chaotic moments with moments of peace and clarity.

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