Flower Essences

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One of the first recorded use of flowers as remedies, is the tale of Hildegard Von Bingan.

Born in the 10th Century, She is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany.

Having a gift of seeing "light", these visions allowed her to see the vibrational power in sound, stones and flowers. She wrote many texts dedicated to physical healing through holistic methods, combining elements of nature to support healing in the human body, including psychology, sexuality and physiology.


Placing muslin cloth over flowers to collect the dew, she was known to wrap her patients in the dew covered muslin and play tones and music to support and aid in their healing.


Dew may be seen here as alchemy - moisture from the earth is drawn upward by the action of the sun and the moon, then condenses in the cool night air to settle upon the flowers. A natural distillation method of alchemical change.


Flowers are the crown of the plant kingdom, holding exquisite representations of the qualities of the flower. We use the doctrine of signatures... the look, colour, shape etc of the flower to help us understand it unique codes. We also look to ancient wisdom and experience to understand its specific benefits, such as indigenous stories of leaving waratah or gymea lily flowers in water to create medicines and pits of boab flowers to birth in to clear family karma... using flowers to heal and recreate self.


My love of flowers was actualised working for many years with the talents of Ian White And Kyla Mawson who bring the magic of the Australian Bush into their divine range of essences. Inspired and activated, i spent many years in the school of the dispensary understanding each flowers unique gift.


I am so grateful for the natural world around us, little crowned jewels springing up from the earth, exquisite stones at our core, elegant trees shining through the canopy.... What a supportive tool for us all.


Our elixirs offer a unique combination of both flower and crystal alchemy, enhanced by the sensory journey of nature's essential oils. Our intention is to bring support and sacred ritual into everyday life, to connect to the beauty and power within and without.





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