Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

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 A supported and wonderful time for change, this eclipse has a focus on healthy and balanced relationships. Our theme; forgiveness and gratitude.  For me, the image that comes to mind this full moon, is the ancient Egyptian "weighing of the heart". So goes, upon death the initiate's heart is weighed on scales against the lightness of Maat's feather. Maat being the goddess of universal order, this ceremony is known as judgement on our heart's sincerity ; a moment of truth. March 23rd is our second eclipse of the year, on a Full moon in the sign of Libra. A perfect opportunity to release heaviness and burdens upon our beautiful hearts.  We have been in a phase of clear boundaries and noticing negative situations. Now it's time to let go of those who hold negatively in our lives, or at least the judgement of them. Here is a chance for a transition to the next level in all our relations.  Remember most of the things that annoy us about others are reflections of our own shadow, so this is also a wonderful chance to work on ourselves and shift our deeper aspects to the light.     RITUAL FOR LIGHTNESS OF HEART AND BALANCE IN RELATIONSHIPS March 23rd : Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse  Preparation ; a candle, pen and paper, a bowl of water and a quiet room. Take 20 mins for yourself, turn off your phone, light a candle, and sit in silence. Deepen your breathing, let thoughts fall away, and drop into your heart.   Allow your heart to open with each breath and notice, who is present in your heart space. As each person arises, write down their name, what annoys you about them and what you love about them.  Do this until, your heart feels light and your breath opens your entire chest with fullness and freedom. Here i recommend Shemana Heart Oil or Heart Mist to support this feeling and ritual. Gently gaze upon the candle's flame, and notice the beauty in this stillness and space.  Let your eyes drift upon the first name... say this out loud  "Dear.... (their name)I forgive you for ... (what annoys)I love you for ... (what you love)Thank you"  Repeat through your entire list. Remember this time will theme the next phase; this is a great opportunity to set a new tone.  Placing the paper to the candle flame, burn the edge of the paper and place in the bowl of water for fire safety.  Listen with compassion, while you take another few minutes to see if your heart has more to say or shift. Continue the process, if needed, until your heart feels as light as a feather.   

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