ground it down

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Its been such a big time astrologically of late, with much energy and focus to Mars and an uprising energy. And now the amazing support of Capricorn comes into full illumination with tonight's full moon. EARTH : GROUNDING : ANCHORINGIts no surprise for me being a Air sign that Capricorn is a wonderful gift and comes when i truly need it. I love to be reminded to anchor myself to the now, to the new, to the earth. This is such good medicine for us all, The power of the present time. So tonight or tomorrow : : Light a candle for your heart, and welcome peace to all that you are. Burn some sage or mist your field to drop any residue that surrounds.Take a few moments to deepen your breath into your belly, and welcome new life, with new breath.Put on your favourite song / artist and drop your ankles to the floor grounding and landing. Breath into your feet and perhaps even dance a little, or a lot, to free your body and mind.When you feel recharged, lay upon the floor.Sink deep into the earth beneath yourself and surrender to the earths heartbeat. Let yourself Savasana all you need, without time. When complete have a huge glass of water and make a wish as you blow your candle out. 

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