How to go beyond Human

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Lets start with firstly the accseptance that you are stuck on a rock, spinning around a star, on the corner of a galaxy, way-out in space of the far stretches of this universe. Ok, now that you know where you are, let's look at where your going!   As a human being, you have probably signed up to the momentus task of evolving your soul the the Earth Human paradigm. No easy feat by any measure but dont fret, I'm have come here as an Inter-Galatic gateway guide, representing as ambassador for the Sacred Interstellar Trinity Council from the 7th Dimentional Starseed Civilization. I come in Peace and Love and Wisdom to nurture and educate the 3rd dimentional beings of Earth back to their original state of highly evolved conciousness and beyond.   Let's Begin.....

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