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                                        As we move into the year of the Fire (Mountain) Monkey, we say goodbye to the Wood Goat. The years lived under the guidance of the Goat are the most artistic, the most supportive, and the most egalitarian. Now at the changing of the guard, we emerge anew. Every year we reaffirm our relationship to the natural universe.   The theme this year is Monkey. And that means IMAGINATION abounds!!  As you might already have guessed, the years guided by the Monkey energy are those that are the most thrilling and the most adventurous. But they are also the most creative and the most inspired. We will all hopefully find some sort of moderation within this year to consider our creative potential… but who doesn’t like a bit of spontaneous fun from time to time ☺ The trick this year is to not let the fun times run away from the times of rest and nurture. It is important to first recognise what the yearly animal represents.   What does this energy mean? How does it apply to us?   Most of us probably know the animal of our birth year, and that is an important start in understanding how this year may play out. Most probably don’t realise we are all born with four animal combinations in our birth chart (known as the Four Pillars that make up our character). All of these animals have a natural relationship with the energy of the year. Some gel well, like those born with the same Monkey sign somewhere in their chart. Some however will have a hard time “getting” Monkey this year. Either way, we all have to do it. It is the energy that underlines, that guides, that defines the relationships we are all a part of this year. This year we all do Monkey!   The Monkey talked about in Chinese Astrology is well known throughout Asia as a God. The Tibetans and Chinese both have fables of a Monkey ancestor. The most famous Monkey in China is the wily Monkey who aids a monk in bringing the Buddhist Sutras from India. All the images portray the Monkey as godlike but with the weaknesses commonly associated with humans (desire). This is the perilous balancing act that gives us an understanding of the Monkey character.   Poised between the profound and the mundane, Monkeys are capable of a broad awareness of their environment. Nothing is left to convention. For Monkeys - and those years guided by the Monkey - the greatest danger is selfish fantasy, the evil sister of visionary wisdom. Monkeys fluctuate between materialism and austerity. In Monkey years, material possessions must not block a person’s need for flexibility.   The fire element this year brings out a special relationship with the Monkey. It emphasises the sexuality that naturally abounds within. It enhances the sense of charm and eloquence we so commonly associate with people who have the Monkey in their charts. This year will also be productive, industrious, and financially supportive. Within every year, the adjacent animals fade in and out. As with all eastern Wisdom, nothing is simply black and white. In these first few months of the year we still have traces of the aesthetic, adaptable and artistic Goat. Further down the line, we will start to feel the draw of the pragmatic, analytical Rooster.   So to utilise these energies we must fully understand the depth and breadth of the Monkey. This year, consider yourself a Monkey, sitting in a tree in a vast wondrous forest. Atop the highest branch you can see all the magnificent flowers, taste the beautiful fruits, smell the sweetness in the air, even touch the horizon. Your imagination wanders. In this dream you redesign your world the way you always wanted it. Now, who are we to say (much like in our night time dreams) that those imaginations are not real, that they do not exist on some plane. But simply put, your still that Monkey, sitting in a tree.   This year, Imagine your life as you would have it. And as the Goat fades from view and the purest Monkey energy arises, climb down from your perch and start implementing your dreams. Put them into action! Safe in the knowledge that the cycles of time, and the cycle of animals, is there to support you as you move forward. Enjoy ☺           Thomas is an Chinese Astrologer, Shiatsu Practitioner and Qi Gong Instructor. His practise is on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Email ::  Phone :: 0415 387 332 Website :: (to be launched shortly)     Picture : "The Golden Snub Nosed Monkey"  care of Pinterest  

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