Returning Home to Self

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Feel the powerful surge of inward movement and focus drawing you closer to yourself. Alongside the celestial dance of astrological influences, Winter beckons us home—a pivotal time to nurture and tend to our internal chi before the vibrant expanses of Summer return.

For me, this season is an invitation to embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, a system that fosters equilibrium through mindful practices. I find solace in crafting supportive teas infused with healing herbs, honoring the nourishing traditions of food as medicine, and indulging in the soothing ritual of hot oil treatments—undeniably my favorite.

Just yesterday, I experienced the sublime bliss of a Shirodhara treatment—a revered Ayurvedic practice. Warm, specially selected oils cascaded in a gentle stream over my forehead and through my hair, followed by a heavenly massage that eased tension from my head, neck, and feet. This ritual, renowned for its ability to pacify the nervous system, works wonders in harmonizing the Vata energy that the cold winds of this season can stir, often leading to overthinking, fatigue, and restlessness.

During the treatment, I observed the ceaseless chatter of my mind, its attempts to divert my attention from surrender. Gradually, as I focused on the sensation of oil trickling over my third eye, the mental narratives dissolved, ushering me into a state of profound tranquility where even the thought of sitting up seemed Herculean.

Ayurveda teaches us about the doshas—the elemental forces of earth, water, fire, and air—and the vital importance of balancing these energies within ourselves. Understanding our predominant dosha empowers us to navigate the shifting tides of the seasons, guiding us toward practices that restore equilibrium.

Vata, governed by the Air element, can leave us feeling anxious and depleted when imbalanced. Combatting Vata’s erratic tendencies calls for indulging in hot oil treatments, sipping on warming teas, shielding ourselves from brisk winds, keeping our kidneys snug, and relishing in hearty, nourishing meals.

Pitta, fueled by the Fire element, can ignite anger, provoke rashes, or manifest as excess heat within the body. To pacify Pitta’s flames, immerse yourself in the cool embrace of ocean swims—even in Winter—savor cooling foods, and express your fiery spirit through acts of creativity.

Kapha, characterized by Water and Earth, can weigh us down with lethargy and heaviness when imbalanced. Invigorating movement, whether through dance, sports, or embracing change, is key to harmonizing Kapha’s energies.

I highly encourage you to embark on a journey of self-inquiry throughout the year, welcoming a touch of extra balance into your life. Embrace the wisdom of Ayurveda and revel in the profound connection it fosters between mind, body, and spirit.

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