Returning Home to Self

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Can you feel the surge of inward movement and focus to self?As well as some powerful astrological influence currently taking place, it is also the Winter calling us home ... so important to nourish and care for our internal chi before the expanse of Summer is present again.For me this time of year i lean strongly into the practises of Ayurvedacreating balance through supportive teas and herbs, nourishing traditions of food as medicine and hot oil treatments - my favourite. Yesterday i received the most beautiful Shirodhara treatment... Warmed Ayurvedic oils, specifically choosen for me, dripping slowly over my forehead and through my hair, followed by the most amazing head, neck and foot massage. So deliciously calming to the nervous system, and wonderful for balancing the Vata Mania that the cold wind can stir in us all this time of year, leading to overthinking, exhaustion and nervousness.  I noticed my busy thoughts, the ways my mind tried to distract me from states of surrender. Slowly, the meditation on the sensation over my third eye soothed all narration and before i knew it i was in a utopian state and sitting up was near impossible! THE DOSHAS OF AYURVEDA Ayurvedic medicine is all about balancing the doshas : the elements of earth, water, fire and air. The concept is that heath lies in the balance of all of these qualities within us.Most of us are prominent in a certain dosha and it is really helpful to know our makeup and also the changes that the seasons can bring; supporting our system into balance in the different phases. VATA is the Air Element and can make us nervous and exhausted when out of balance... great ways to harmonise the Vata within are hot oil treatments, warm cups of tea, staying out of the wind, keeping your kidneys warm and eating lots of cosy meals. PITTA is the Fire element and when out of balance can make us angry, cause rashes or excess heat in the system. Great ways to balance Pitta is swims in the ocean... yes even in the winter! Cooling foods and expressing the fire element through creativity.KAPHA is Water and Earth and when out of balance can make us feel really lethargic and heavy. A great way to balance Kapha is movement .. dancing sport and welcoming change. Highly recommend doing a little enquiry with self throughout the year and welcoming a little extra balance in life xx

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