Sacred Festival of Lammas

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This morning i awoke to a message from my dear friend and Mentor, Jane Hardwicke Collings. A divine message of sacred truth and an honouring of the natural phases, which is Jane's soul medicine and gift this life. As a gemini sister, i am so grateful for her use of language and understanding. It inspires in me, to set my ships a sail in the great ocean of life,   and how poignant a time to do this is now...    LAMMAS  Southern Hemisphere  traditionally marked February 2nd, astrologically falling on Thursday February 4th.    "the first of the three Harvest festivals. At Lammas the fruits of the Summer are ready, its a time to celebrate the bounty of life. Astrologically this year it falls on Feb 4th, which is a nearly Balsamic moon."and with it a desire for turning within, a time of reflection and comtemplation"   "At Lammas, we have the opportunity to assess the fruits of our labour, to see whether our Spring/Summer activities of this year, in the metaphorical garden of ourselves, in fact yielded, and will yield further"   "The Harvest needs to sustain us well into the next Spring, when the new shoots will grow."   Jane Hardwicke Collings  Candlemas Moonsong Newsletter 2016     This is time for reflection and release, as we move into Autumn here in the southern Hemisphere. Take the time to sit in the seeds of your creation. Taking stock of all you have experienced in this expanded time as we move into the longer nights, let go of all that we choose not to take further, so our new trees of creation may grow tall and strong.    SELF RITUAL : : Gather fallen leaves, and write upon each one something you are choosing to release. Burn them and as you let go of each fallen leaf, feel the clarity and surrender. Here now in stillness, give gratitude for all you are bringing with you into this new season. Write it in a journal or on your vision board.    In this transition time between Western  and Chinese New Year, we have a perfect window to sample our resolutions and feel which serve and what we will bring into this new cycle of time.   Whats serves you now?  What are you bringing with you? Who supports this best in us?   Meditiate and celebrate! Let the new wind blow through the leaves, and through your hair, with gratitude. Honour yourself, your growth and a new time. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others is the chance to be new.             

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