Solar Eclipse

Posted by Anna Whiting on

This Full Solar Eclipse in Pisces gives us a beautiful opportunity to deepen into the collective unconscious through our own knowing. To move out of the recent spaces of personal process and into a new theme of support for the highest good of all. This eclipse will take us from our deeper dreamtime into a shift of solar energy supporting a new level of grounded manifestation. Here is a ritual to support deeper dreaming into realities.  Sage, smudge or shower to cleanse any personal story or attachments. Sit in meditation with Dream Elixir and ask yourself"what is my deepest intention for the highest good of all?" "what is my deepest learning, of late, that can be of benefit to others?" (Mine is "Integration of Shadow") Write it down, program it into a quartz crystal and float both, the intention and the crystal in water overnight.  Ground it down now using Shaman Mist or hematite and anchor this intention into the knowing of your being... walk your talk. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Authenticity creates a magnetic pull, call in your tribe my friends and inspire through being.  Tomorrow, pop your programmed quartz into your pocket or on your alter to assist you to hold this deeper knowing.  Lets take this paradigm to new heights... now is the time.               

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