Stars in your Pocket

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8th August 2017 The moon opposes the Sun exactly causing this full moon and a lunar eclipse.This Aquarius lunar eclipse full moon, opens our emotions to prepare us for the Leo Solar eclipse on the 21st August. The Sun in the 15th degree of Leo conjuncts with the Star of Isis, goddess of All Magical Wisdom. So we will be working with her magic in this sacred time. This year has already been a year of great change, there has been a huge push on purpose and potential, and here is a magical opportunity for us to align to our highest. Welcome and support the light that you are on this planet. Don't get distracted by the ego state, the mind or even by the surges of emotions around eclipse time. Here is a ritual to allow you to attune and align to the stars. Attuning Ritual You need -- a night with clear starsa bowl of watera handful of your favourite crystalscrystal clear elixirfour candles a blanket pen and two pieces of paperOptional closeA bath Heart OilLay your candles to the four directions, with your bowl of water in the middle.Lay your blanket beside your grid and sit gently with your crystals and crystal mist.Firstly spray around your body for clearing, balance and alignment.Hold your crystals in your hand and ask them to hold the energy of the stars within them,to support you to be the temple of stars upon the earth.Lay down and look up, notice the position of the most striking stars or planets you see. Place your crystals inside the candle grid in alignment with the stars you notice above (as the Egyptians did with their temples).Sit back down and take some long breaths, tune into your heart and your inner world. With your pen and paper, write down a list of  goals and intentions aligned to your highest potential on one piece of paper (like meditating daily or signing up to study something you have always wanted to).  On the other piece of paper, write any distractions that arise, such as procrastination, self doubt or the list of nagging to dos.Burn your list of distractions, you don't need them anymore, and leave its ashes upon the earth.Sit here for as long as feels comfortable for you, and let these crystals soak in the earth and stars overnight.Before you go inside, read out your list of intentions and blow out the candles as you hold your intentions in your heart and mind, like you would a birthday wish. To Close ... either pour the water over your feet, and spray yourself again with crystal clear. OR Place the water in warm bath and add in a few shakes of Heart Oil.Soak in here as long as you need to feel the gentle waves of your spinal fluid and hear nothing but your long deep exhales. In the morning, gather your crystals and place them on your alter with your intentions, and place one in your pocket each day. Feel the stars in your pocket supporting your journey over the coming weeks. 

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