Super-Blood-Blue-Full Moon!...WTF??

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Super-Blood-Blue-Full Moon! Woah! Sound like a big one yeah?... Weeeell, in actual fact "big" things are happening in the celestial realms all the time. When the full moon comes around, there is a tendency to hype up the happenings, often leaving people feeling like they have no control over this external cosmic force, they let loose their lunatic.

Turning our attention to the heavens can give us the opportunity to coincide with the universe and flow with the natural order things.

So let's break it down and see what this super lunar sensation is really offering.


Astrologically, a Blue Moon is insignificant, it means that there are two full moons in one calendar month (and for some time zones, this moon is at its fullest on 1st February, cancelling the title of "blue moon"). So the saying "once in a blue moon" refers to something that isn't really that rare and results in perhaps the Gregorian calendar page of January being a little more energized.


From an astrological perspective, there are some sensational celestial energies that are happening in this big wide universe of ours.

For starters, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are all in alignment. This is why we get the phenomenon of the Lunar Eclipse. The "Bloodmoon" is whereby the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in colour as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the earth's atmosphere.

The "Supermoon" is a definition coined by an astrologist and refers to the moon being closest to the Earth in its orbit. There's only a teeny tiny difference between the visual appearance of a full-moon and a super-moon but it's big and bright and beautiful, so let's roll with it!


The Lunar Eclipse falls into the sign of Leo. This is the sequel to the August 2017 Leo Solar Eclipse. If you know, are or understand the sign of Leo, you might be aware of the traits that are attributed to its astrological energy. When they're highlighted under this mega moon, Leo's urge for self-expression, creativity and personal perfection can powerfully pull at everyone's lions' pride.


Some of the most significant aspects of this eclipse chart are to do with the Lunar Nodes.

In astrology, The North Node represents where you are heading; your evolution & destiny, The South Node represents where you have been; your karmic past.


At the moment The North Node is exactly on Ceres (huge asteroid/dwarf planet) The energy of Ceres is known as the Great Mother, she heightens the maternal matriarch within us all. With the Node of destiny being expressed through the filter of Ceres, we can expect to feel an uprising in our deep desire to be nurtured. Take this time to align your evolution to a path of self-respect and empowerment, mother yourself with love and kindness. The heavens are supporting you to hold yourself in high regard and feel nourished by the world around you.


The South Node lands on Juno, another huge heavenly body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. For some time astrologers have been documenting the effect of 4 significant asteroids in the belt known as the "Asteroid Goddesses" and like her fellow female archetypes, they embody the energy of their Greek Mythologies.

Juno is hailed as Queen of the Gods, Wife of Zeus, she is the goddess of marriages and unions. Embodying femininity, she watches over conception, pregnancy and birth, as well is governing the characteristic of our relationships.


With the Goddesses Ceres and Juno being illuminated by the Lunar Leo energy we are encouraged to roar like a lioness, it's time for fierce love! Love yourself, love your world, love your loves... Fiercely and fearlessly!

Lick your wounds, hunt for happiness, gather the goodness, go on the prowl and attack your desires!


The universe is asking you to look at what serves you, what holds you, what rocks your socks... Find it and fight for it, do what is needed to nurture and sustain the love you have for yourself, get radical with your self-care, don't hold back, seduce yourself!

With the power of the Super-Blue-Blood-Full-Moon shining on you, ignite your expression, walk with pride, be the Queen of the jungle and roar!


J xx


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