The Art of Ritual

Posted by Anna Whiting on

The ancient art of creating ritual allows us the opportunity to bring a moment of sacredness into this busy modern day world. Giving yourself the gift of a simple deep exhale to release stress and drop into a new moment, gathering representations of natures elements to reconnect to Earths rythyms.  At our last She Speak circle, I heard from the women around me their natural longing to create a moment for self to release anxiety and welcome trust, so here is   A simple moment for self.....   Prepare a bowl of water, light a candle, a crystal of choice, and a feather.   Take a deep breath and as you exhale, place your fingers in the bowl of water letting all anxieties and fears drip down into the water. In clarity hold your crystal and visualise your potential for trust and presence, blow out the candle speaking your wish to the universe, stick your feather in your hair, chuck your bowl of stress into the garden and rejoice in the freedom of a fresh new moment.    for more rituals see the DIY Rituals Page @ shemana       

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