The Ultimate Pose

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Its often our favourite asana in Yoga .... Savasana, after all the extension, core, twisting and balancing, defying gravity or doing our best to stay breathing in the third round of standing splits. We allow ourselves to drop, to flop out our limbs, to let go, to Exhale. We welcome the minutes of the day to fall away and breath into the balance of action... corpse pose.                                                                                                                                floating Savasana @skylab, surry hills   Here at Shemana headquarters we dared to ask  "can we have this moment of awakened and honoured surrender more often in our lives?"  "How can we quickly remind ourselves to align and center into our inner worlds, when the outer field is spinning so fast?" "How can we invite ourselves to rest in a source of perfection?"   So ....  we infused three colours of lotus flowers; honouring the higher chakra's states of bliss and grace. With a trinity of crystals, Aventurine, Hematite and Howlite; to welcome integration and journeying. Then teamed them up with a divine infusion of essential oils to drift  into sensory states of release and allow connection to our own essence.    This week perhaps we can invite ourselves to exhale a little more often? Welcome the ultimate state of bliss to settle through our nervous systems. Be conscious to restore our adrenals by step ping out of the flight or fight response, flick of the tv and fall on the floor with a sigh of release?      Share with me a moment you had of a surprised state of bliss, on insta @temple_alchemy or ...... the craziest story will win a free bottle of Shemana's Savasana Mist!!               

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