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The Capricorn energy embodies a natural seriousness and groundedness, offering a potent strength that permeates this moon phase. Despite the tendency to shy away from intensity and change, we can harness this dynamic energy for transformation by embracing inner stillness.

Transformation Ritual:

1. Begin by disconnecting from distractions like your phone and dedicating time to connect with yourself this weekend. Light a candle to symbolize the spark of life within you.

2. Take deep breaths, focusing completely on your inner world. Invite thoughts of desire and vision to expand within you. Listen closely to your heart and the sacred whispers of your inner self.

3. With intention, light a smudge stick of sage or palo santo. Use a feather to guide the smoke around yourself and your space, releasing blockages and exhaling restrictions. Create a sense of clarity that welcomes new and uncharted experiences.

4. Enter a meditative state and mist the Shaman Mist over your head, allowing it to envelop your body. Hold the intention of transformation as you inhale, activating your potential self with this powerful crystalline elixir. Feel free to use it generously during this time to support the energy of transformation.

5. To conclude, drink a large glass of water to ground yourself, tap your heels to the earth several times, and put a gentle smile on your face.

By engaging in this ritual with clarity and intention, you can embrace the transformative energy of the Capricorn moon and align yourself with your highest potential.

There is an innant seriousness in the Capricorn energy,a practical and grounded connection. And this moon is soaked in this potent strength.It is easy to shy away from intensity and change but as we drop into inner stillness, we can utilise this dynamic energy to transform.  Transformation RitualTurning off the phone and taking some time to tune in with self this weekend. To begin, light a candle to represent the spark of life within. Take some deep breaths and connect to your inner world with complete focus.Welcoming thoughts of desire and vision, as you expand within. Listen to your heart and the sacred whisper of your inner self.With intention light a smudge of sage or palo santo, feather the smoke around your self and space. Releasing blockages and exhaling restrictions. Creating a sense of clarity that welcomes the new and unchartered waters to pulse. And now, in meditative space, mist the Shaman Mist over your head and let it fall upon your body. Hold the intention of transformation, as you breath in your potential self activated by this powerful crystalline elixir. Use freely in this time to support the energy of transformation.  To close drink a massive glass of water, drop your heels to the earth several times and put a little smile upon your dial. 50% Off Shaman Ritual Kit this month only! Final Stock Clearance, online only.Included: Shaman Candle, Sage, Feather Fan &Shaman Crystalline Elixir Mist.CODE : sagemeup 

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