Valentines - whip them or marry them?

Posted by Anna Whiting on

  Valentines Day - a time to celebrate love, romance and all things heart felt xx   But it hasn't always been a day of chocolates, red wine and romantic dinners....   We only have look back to the ancient Romans celebrating the Pagan fest of Lupercalia ; a pastoral festival to purify and bring fertility. The men would gather in a cave to sacrifice a dog and a goat, in honour of the she-wolf who raised Remus and Romulus, best known as the founders of Rome.    The cave celebrations continued and the men, apparently now drunk and naked, would make a whip out of their goat skin and run through the city slapping the women to bless them with  good fortune. Subsequently seizing a woman for the remainder of the festival, or if a good match for the rest of their lives!    Apparently the women were honoured by this and lined up for the lucky dip, as it was a blessing of luck and fertility.   This was beleived to have gone on for thousands of years, but from then,  history gets a little confused with the cover up of the pagan elements and a rename to "Valentines Day" to glorify the Saints or Martyrs.  But all in all history unfolds and we are left with a calender date that honours fertility and our relationship to love.    So this Feb 14th, whether we are out with our whips looking for our next heart throb, have booked a special table by the sea, or perhaps just being with our lovely selves. Lets all have compassion for those experiences, those loved and those lost,  for all the deep and sacred connections we share, these love stories that theme our lives.    As most of the woman i know, prefer a gift from the heart rather than a whipping by a drunk naked roman, we have made it easy for you, with a sacred and intentional gift of love....    Shemana's Heart Collection 10 %off with this code ....  LOVE    Heart Gift Box Box w Heart Mist, Heart Oil, Rose Quartz and Wish Kit with Ritual   Or simply our Heart Oil or Heart Mist  Infused with a trinity of crystals and flower essences.  10 %off with this code ....  LOVE    for the men....  10% off w coupon code : LOVE   Shaman Kits w sage, feather smudge, infused candle and Shaman Mist     
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