The ancient practice of crystal activated water has been used throughout time for its holistic benefits.

The crystal obelisk pillar energetically charges your water,

creating a high-vibrational energy elixir.


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Crystals have the ability to send, receive and store energy,

They can transmit a vibration that you programme into them.

By infusing your intentions into your crystal, it can emanate as a beacon of energy that is designed just for you! 

Below are suggestions to activate your crystal pillar...



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- Self reflection


Awakens a vision of the true self by opening the pathway for needed positive change. Honesty with self leads to true self love and satisfaction without ego. It allows you to nurture the self, 

dispeling negativity via a healthy shielding effect at the emotional level. Obsidian can access the surfacing and transmutation of hidden fears, leading to positive change to be taken on with action. This Stone aids a journey deep within, awakening powerful visions of available paths and giving insight into which action is best applied for the optimal outcome.


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 - Forgiveness.


Forgiveness is the embodiment of truth, grace and a higher peace within ourselves. A journey that cannot be completely understood without self-love and truthful expression. This is where Rose Quartz unites the heart and voice as one, allowing you to act from the infinite space of unconditional love. We can be challenged with fear, guilt, anger or jealousy but these emotions cannot penetrate the field of infinite love unless we allow them to enter.

Rose Quartz softens the heart armour we often employ to protect ourselves from hurtful emotions, by helping us to understand and integrate the situation, we can then lower our defence system and experience the blissful existence of an unconditional heart.


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 - Transformation


Amethyst facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies. This clears the unnecessary stress and worries from one’s life so a pathway of creation can open to the highest potential.

This crystal delivers self- awareness by balancing the energies of the intellectual, emotional & physical bodies. Inviting stability, strength, invigoration and peace to permeate through your world. As Amethyst integrates the inner & outer worlds, it supports insight into which aspects require remodeling in order to facilitate change towards the ultimate state of perfection


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Know as the master healer, Clear Quartz is a mighty amplification crystal that lifts the energy of all that it encounters and performs potent purification on all levels of the self. It offers alignment at the mental and emotional level, resulting in profound clarity and self-acceptance, which leads to personal growth, action and healing. Clear Quartz is a reminder of your maximum potential, no matter where you’re at, it amplifies your inner light and activates your avenues of creation with skill and mastery so that you can create a world that you truly desire.



Your crystal can become a powerful manifestation tool.

Take the time to meditate with your crystal, while focusing on your intentions and desires. Every time you sip water activated by your crystal, your intention will flow through your body.


There are many ways to energetically cleanse and activate your crystal.



It is quite common to let the moon's energy clear and recharge a crystal's vibrational frequencies. The varying phases of the moon will have different effects on the crystals outcome. There are 28 days in the moon's cycle, each day having a different quality. We have listed the two main phases below but you could research and see what days best suits your needs.


Place the crystal in a special place where it can bathe in the moonlight. Having the crystal in or near water will amplify the energy.



The energy of the Full Moon is the most common phase that people cleanse their crystals. It is an intense, charged and powerful time. This Lunar phase is useful to remove dense, built-up energies and re-align to what is desired.

It is a time for breaking old patterns, clear reflection, and enhanced expression.



The energy of the New Moon is a time of transformation, new beginnings and explosion of creative energy and personal growth. Crystals programmed at this time are powerful manifestations tools, that can be set as encouraging reminders to the bigger picture.



Crystal love water! They work well with this element because it helps to amplify our emotions. (Water and emotions are entwined but that's another story :) Crystals are fluent in the language of emotions. Take your crystal on an adventure to water; ocean, lake, river or even your shower or bath, immerse your crystal in water to begin to "talk" (feel) to your crystal. 

Tell them what you need, they love to help!


There are many ways to cleanse, energize and activate your crystal.

Begin to "communicate" with your crystal and see what suits you best.




Please disassembled  and perform a full clean prior to first time use.

(See below for how to.)

Fill your crystal activated bottle with clean, filtered water.

It is recommend to use  room temperature water.

Please do a thorough disassembled clean frequently.


Carefully twist count-clockwise to remove the base of the bottle, untwist the crystal platform by holding its stainless steel base.(do not undo the crystal's wiring) 

Remove the lid. Hand wash base, lid and rubber seals in warm soapy water and rinse well.

The glass bottle is dishwasher safe , although we prefer to hand wash.

Rinse crystal with water only.

(To energetically "clean" the crystal, follow the CRYSTAL ACTIVATION. )

Allow all components to dry before re-assembling, especially the crystal platform.



Make sure the rubber "O" ring seal is firmly and securely placed in the base compartment. 



We have seen that any leakage with the water bottle has been due to the "O ring" (clear plastic/rubber round seal at the bottom of the detachable base) not being properly in place.


There are 2 rings, a smaller one in the cap and a larger one in the bottom of the removable stainless steel base. Please ensure this seal is flush and smooth in the base.  Once the bottle has been disassembled, washed, put back together and filled, sometimes it can drip a few times with a little bit of water that has been trapped in the base reservoir but shouldn't happen for long.


Firstly, So sorry about that! I've done it and it's a horrible moment.

We would love to offer replacements but unfortunately, our manufacture doesn't supply the waterbottle as separate parts.

Sometimes we have spare parts in our wearhouse, so please email us and hopefully we have the bit you need.