These "Do It Yourself" rituals have been designed to bring a divine element into your everyday life.


By taking time in the day to focus your intention, listen to your heart and open up to your spirit, making a world of difference to the quality of life you are creating.


Shemana products are created with these sacred intentions and infused with the alchemy of Crystal and Flower energetic remidies to assist you on all levels.


The rituals can be as simple as a few focused breaths to more elaberate sacred ceremonies with Alchemists and Shaman tool kits.


We are always updating our rituals according to the cycles & seasons, the stars & planets. 

Come back and play again soon... xxx






A nightly ritual for Harmony, Higher Vision, Clear Thought and Intuition. Take the time before sleep every night to clear your mind and prepare for ultimate rejuvenation.


Write a list of jobs for tomorrow or concerns to look at another time,

make these appointments with self and stick to the date.

If you have had an emotional day write in your journal, talk to a friend or take a moment to reflect with a cup of tea. Give yourself this time so you don't bring it all to bed with you.


Gentle wash your face allowing any negative thoughts to be dissolved. 

 Align to positive thoughts, reflect on the goodness of the day giving gratitude for the gifts received.Take a moment to look into your own eyes, deepening duration each day till a loving long stare is comfortable. (Fake it till you make it is ok)


With clear intention for welcoming a higher vision,

 drip a few drops of Shemana Face Serum into your fingertips. 

As you smooth onto your face allow the elixirs of

Purity and Harmony to soothe your mind and skin.

With superfood extracts of kakadu plum and pomegranate you are

literally feeding your skin with antioxidants and powerful agents. 


Circling your eyes, activating your third eye for higher vision.

Let your self dream and journey to the potential self and all the beauty you create in the world. 


Continue to massage into neck and décolletage area aligning your visions of mind with visions of the heart. allowing all your dreams to come true. 

Climb into your pjs, lay your dream journal next to you and dream big my friends. for we are only limited by the confines of our own mind xx

Do this ritual nightly for a more profound sleep state. ENJOY! 





Allow some sacred time in your day, light candles to represent the

suns illumination and shining your light within. 


Firstly cleanse your body from any burdens, lingering concerns or disharmonies,

consciously washing your skin and letting go.


With clear intention for welcoming dynamic energy and rejuvenation, pour Shemana Body Oil into your hands. Gently whisper into your hands and give a sacred blessing by blowing your loving thoughts into the oil. Allowing the Wisdom of Selenite's essence to guide your way.


Begin Massaging into your solar plexus area - at the base of your sternum - your inner sun.

Release tension from under your ribs, along diaphragm and behind at your kidney area.

This space of the Third Chakra is this seat of personal power and confidence. 


Continue to massage and welcome in radiant dynamic support to your belly so you may shine your inner light to the world. Consciously release any thoughts of lack, unworthiness or isolation.

As the flower remedies bring in their codes of oneness and inner child's joy. 


Massaging into the rest of your body, focus on areas of dullness or stagnation. Welcome thoughts of a complimentative nature. And feel the inspiration of Sunstones crystal radiance shining within.

Ignite your senses with the aromas of Vanilla, Cedarwood and Rose to complement your skin and remind you of these clear intentions - Higher Guidance, Healing and Radiance. 


Complete this ritual with one of our mists and let the elixir fall over your body, harnessing access to your highest potential.


Dress in your Favourite underwear and smile your sneaky little smile as you shine your unique radiance into the world, making it a better place! 

This ritual can be done weekly or when feeling lifeless... let your light shine, you crazy diamonds 





This elixir supports forgiveness, openness and healing to the heart... it is a pure gift of love,

made with love, for your lovely self. 

This is a sacred ritual and with it is a beginning and an end.

Firstly create the space... on the floor, in the bath or in bed to listen to your hearts voice. 
Like tea with an old friend, ask your heart how it feels. Listen with compassionate ears, knowing that there is layers to healing our heart stories. 
Perhaps there is a person who sits in your heart now, a wound or a past love. If so.... call in the higher self of this person, speak clearly from your heart all that needs to be said. When spoken include the four sacred clearing lines of ancient Hawaiian Philosophy ..... "I am Sorry, I forgive you, Thank you and I love you" Now Imagine yourself as this person and receive your words. 

With compassion and clarity now pour Shemana Heart Oil into your hands.

Gently give a sacred blessing by blowing your loving thoughts into the oil. 
Massage this sacred elixir of healing into your Heart area - focus on your breasts, Heart center, around your sternum, and between your ribs. Opening new spaces for the light to get in. offering healing and harmony to your heart stories and also your physical being. 
Continue to massage and welcome in emotional support to your body and heart. Consciously release any attachments, limitations, cording, and wounds from your body and field. allowing the crystal and flower elixirs to harmonise and activate ultimate states. 
Finish by placing your hands on your heart. Breathing in love and as you exhale surrender even more. Let your body completely relax and receive into an awakened receptive space of love. 





A tool for anchoring your highest potential into this time.

Welcoming ultimate states and actualising your higher self to the here and now.

The alchemy of this elixir is a particularly powerful combination. Are you ready to know your true power? ; As so often we give our power away to others.., teachers, friends, parents, bosses. This spray welcomes you to bring the power back to yourself, to be guided and supported to be the best you can be,

to trust confidently in your own power of creation! 


This tool requires sacred space, a little dedicated area in your home; a corner with a cushion or a table and chair.... an area to sit in stillness and be present. Next to you, an alter... it can be made with sticks and stones, candles, crystals, feathers, pictures, special trinkets and anything that you hold sacred.

This is space for you to sit each day, even just for a moment. take the time to connect, align and feel divinely empowered. You can light a candle, burn smudging sage, hold a crystals or the simple act

of a few deep breaths can create the sacred space


 Spray your Shaman Mist over your head so it mists its magical elixirs over your entire body and field. Inhale and take your breath from crown, down to your heart; the gateway Chakra. Exhale and ground from Heart to the Earth beneath you Allow grace and ease as you continue to anchor your breath from crown soul to earth star. continue until your breath feels like a waterfall of fluidity moving through your core. The Blue Gum essence gives a sense of strength and support.

 Notice the ways you can feel supported by your higher self, the Earth and the ancient alchemy elixirs of powerful crystalline energies.







This Elixir is about meeting the world as the best version of yourself and being courageous…

Man oil is the cherry on top, the thing you put on like a super hero puts on a cape as you go out to meet the world heart and mind Unified…

Think about what it means to be a man today in a modern world, where thuggery has been replaced by Technology and machismo has been replaced by charm… maybe it is time to regain a bit of elemental balance and indulge in the embodied masculine, fully alive and being present on the planet.

This a time when the gifts and lessons of the feminine nurturing side of the equation

could use some support from the space holding, rock solid masculine.

Men can stand for what is truly a big part of the solution to the age old balancing act of the play of opposites and with patience and kindness raise the bar on what it is to represent Mankind… have you heard the saying “ before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water ”never has same same but different sounded so profound… come on then, get some of this gear on your skin, a couple of drops here and there (not to much) and rub it on your beard, neck, chest, arm, foot or wherever suits you, your a man make some choices…If this seems too easy and you feel like you need to nurture some other aspects of your self, then do some of the other Shemana rituals.

Do what you must, your a man now, not a boy, step up and be the sovereign being that you are, you are a space holder, the one who makes things happen in the world for all your relations to be provided for and to enjoy life together…being a man doesn’t mean you cannot show emotion or be vulnerable, just be real, it is not about being hard on yourself or anyone else take responsibility for where you find yourself… Be authentic…create courageously and be encouraged by your efforts along the way.


Big Man Hugs from A Man on the path… written by Steven Turner with gratitude