An interview with Jane Hardwicke Collings

I have had the honour of knowing Jane since i was in my early 20s... for anyone who has sat in circle with Jane or read any of her books, you can understand when i say she has always been a profoundly impactful woman in my life. From her amazing children, her personal and midwifery birth stories, her empowered communication and her ability to sit in the completely integrated sacred feminine.

I give huge gratitude for the morning of my first moon lodge ceremony at Jane's Apple Tree home, a handwritten letter on my pillow...

"Anna, today you will be the Priestess for the Red Tent ceremony. For all the girls who have had their first bleed. Today you will hold space for the maidens and their mothers to sit together in this sacred ceremony. For i have been called to a birth, see you soon, love Jane"

My first thought .... I am WHAT! HOW and WHEN and CAN I?

An overwhelming sea of self doubt set in but then the knowing that if Jane believes i can hold space for this beautiful community that i could.

It was the most magical magnificent day, a powerful day, a day of becoming for all who were there. To honour the rite of passage of menarche, the wisdom handed down from the elder women, the red thread. to paint the girls into becoming, to hold their own doubts and fears, to hear there stories and to honour this sacred time. i felt my

own story deeply as i owned my own red thread, my own shames and fears and beauty and remembering.

Forever impactful is Jane's wisdom. To me.... its essential, its truth, its knowing, its remembering, its honouring, its life

And now i have reached to Jane to tell us a little more about her amazing work...

Greetings Jane,

Thanks for chatting with us....

Can you tell us which archetypes do you resonate with the most? Priestess, Warrioress, Warrior Queen, Midwife How would you describe your work?  ’the women’s mysteries’ What lead you to explore the sacred path you have chosen? Making sense of my own experiences and those of the women I served as a midwife at the ‘birth altar’. As well as the coming together of my two deep interests - midwifery and shamanic practice  

How do you use Shemana in your offerings?  magic potions to support women in circle Where are you based? and where can people find out more about you? Australia Share with us your daily or weekly self care rituals morning chi gong, meditation and prayer daily walk in forest in conscious connection with ’nature’ evening bathing ritual Full, Dark and New Moon prayers gardening What is lighting your fire right now and what is next in the creations of Jane Hardwicke Collings?   my book - Blood Rites, Blood Rights - the spiritual practice of menstruation

and e-courses: Autumn Woman Harvest Queen - Menopause Snake Medicine - shedding menstrual shame Earth Priestess - awakening the earth priestess within Earth Woman - the Innerview ( a mentored 7 moon process of the inner work required to be the woman the earth needs now) Earth Woman - self directed inner work to be the woman the earth needs now

Thankyou so much for your time, your work, your impact within the community at large, your passion and your inspiration.

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