• Blue sage, also know as Grandmother Sage or Salvia Clevelandii is a close relative of the popular White Sage. "Salvia" is a name that means "healer" which help define this varity of Sages gentle, nurturing energy and is perfect for times when a softer, deeper emotional connection is needed. This alternative has a more delicate scent compared to White Sage, with a likness more akin to subtlmint and lavender. 

    Blue Sage aligns with the 3rd eye and throat chakras. Allowing emotions to be understood, forsight to be gained and heartfelt communications to be expressed with clarity.

  • Light the top of the Blue Sage and gently blow till smoldering. Allow the sacred smoke to surround your space and self. 

    Alternatively, you can crumble it up and burn on a heatproof bowl, on a charcoal disc or hang it from Shemana's brass incense stand.

    WARNING: ⚠️ Burn responsibly, never leave burning sage stick unattended.