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  • Tibetan Cymbals

    Tibetan Cymbals (also called Tingsha) are musical instruments used traditionally for singing, chanting, ritual offerings & ceremonies by Hindu and Buddhists.

    They are also used to prepare for meditation, during healing ceremonies, space clearing and sound therapy treatment.

    By striking one cymbal against the edge of the other they produce a clear, pure, cleansing sound which can be usedto focus the mind before and after meditation.

    Using the cymbals is as simple as holding a piece of the leather cord in each hand and gently tapping the two ends of the cymbals together. (not banging them together like traditional cymbals)

    When clearing negative energy from your home or workplace just tap them together three times in each corner of the room while at the same time thinking of the energy that you would like to remove.

  • SIZE: Approx 8cm

    MATERIAL: 2 x Pure solid brass cymbals with Tibetian glyph underneath held together with a leather strap.