• Golden metal tongs are for holding your charcoal discs as you light them to use with your loose incense, herbs & resins. It's much easier to get them alight when you can access all sides and angles of the tablet. These tongs are the safest way to handle the charcoal disc when lit, as they are too hot to touch.

  • Hold a charcoal disc with your tongs and ignite - a long-handled refillable BBQ lighter or a candle are the perfect tools. Apply heat to a few points on the disk until they begin to smoke. Once lit, place it in a heatproof censer/burner or bowl of sand and leave for a few minutes until the entire disc hot. Add your loose incense products on top and replace as necessary. Each charcoal disk lasts around 20-30 minutes when fully lit, and then falls to ash when spent. Dispose of cooled ash carefully.