This stunning slab of Selenite is a beautiful addition to your space.

Made of pure Selenite Crystal and carved into a circle to activate your special trinkets.


It is belived when an item is placed on the crystal, it can supercharge it with elevated energy.

Selenite's is known as a high vibrational crystal and holds the power of transformation, making it perfect for cleansing negative energy and raising the vibe!


Use it to cleanse your crystals, jewellery or trinkets. Activate your skincare, perfume or cup of coffee! Pull the power of crystal energy into your world!

(p.s This item will not charge the battery of your phone!)



Selenite is sometimes referred to as the “rejuvenator” because of its potential for stripping away the accumulated burdens of age. People tend to wear time heavily, with pent- up emotions, frustrations and hidden fears weighing them down. Selenite holds the ability to elevate you beyond the constraints of time. Guiding you to the higher wisdom of your spirit that resonates outside this realm. Being a high vibrational stone, it allows you to embrace spiritual content with understanding and ease. By creating a clear mind and calming emotions it can filter information, inspiration and guidance from your higher consciousness for your journey ahead.


 *please note that each crystal is natural, unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.