Author - Caitlin Cady : Hope Dealer ®. Meditation Junkie. Gangster Of Love.


Caitlin has been called a “wellbeing whizz” by Australian Yoga Journal and her positive perspectives and relatable, playful approach have inspired people across the globe to get lit up and live to their full potential. American by birth, Caitlin now lives with her husband and three little wildlings in Byron Bay, Australia.

With a mad love for meditation and a colourful career, Caitlin is a devoted yogi, entrepreneur, author and speaker. With multiple businesses under her belt, including two night clubs and street mag in Byron Bay, Caitlin now channels her energy towards empowering others to plug into their full potential and start living their best life. 

After a decade long battle with Chronic Lyme Disease compounded by years of depression, anxiety, perfectionism, over-achievement and disordered eating, Caitlin turned to meditation as a last resort, desperate to heal herself. As it turned out, meditation was the medicine that set Caitlin on a path to holistic wellness, happiness - and freedom from Lyme Disease.

Now Caitlin's on a mission to make meditation more accessible and help others get their daily dose. Caitlin's signature style of soulful straight-talk makes ancient practices and spiritual principles relatable, resonate and accessible for modern life.

Heavily Meditated - By Caitlin Cady

  • Heavily Meditated® is your down-to-earth guide to trying meditation, turning it into a habit that sticks, and reaping all of its benefits for a happier, calmer, and more intentional life. Filled with exercises, worksheets, cheatsheets and other practical tools, as well as relatable personal stories to light your way, Heavily Meditated is your complete toolkit to learning meditation and getting high on life.