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  • The wise Juniper tree is one of the oldest trees utilised by mankind. Many ancient cultures including Pagans, Native Amerians and Tibetian monks have burnt Juniper in ceremonies and traditional medicine for millennia. The aromatic smoke had been widely used to stave off viruses and plagues of sickness throughout time.
    Calling on Junipers wisdom can help us face our personal challenges with greater determination, courage and strength.

  • Light the top of the Juniper and gently blow till smoldering. Allow the sacred smoke to surround your space and self. 

    Alternatively, you can crumble it up and burn on a heatproof bowl, on a charcoal disc or hang it from Shemana's brass incense stand.

    WARNING: ⚠️ Burn responsibly, never leave burning Juniper stick unattended.