A magical mystical ritual to invite heightened inner wisdom & guidance. The LUNAR bath soak is a creamy infusion of coconut milk powder and bentonite clay with a crystal elixir remedy for freedom and expression. Paired with natural Tibetan rope incense and a Selenite Crystal wand to empower your intuitive intentions. The sample of our new INVOKE has the exotic scent of Egyptian Blue Lotus and Crystal Elixir to call forth the divine feminine.



-New release LUNAR bath soak therapy with coconut milk and Moonstone powder.

-Box of Tibetan Rope incense, natural spices, woods and resin powders rolled into a paper twist to create a completely natural incnese.

-A Selenite Crystal wand to enhance your rituals intentions.

-3ml Vial of the new INVOKE Perfume Elixir.


*See each of the individual products for further details.



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