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  • This kit contains our a mystical trio of DREAM Therapy oil & SAVASANA Meditation Mist, With a FREE full size LUNAR Crystal Bath Powder and Blue Calcite Crystal.

    See each product for full details and ingeredients.


    It is quite common to let the moon's energy clear and recharge us. The varying phases of the moon will have different effects on the outcome. There are 28 days in the moon's cycle, each day having a different quality. We have listed the two main phases below but you could research and see what days best suits your needs.


    The energy of the Full Moon is the most common phase that people cleanse their crystals. It is an intense, charged and powerful time. This Lunar phase is useful to remove dense, built-up energies and re-align to what is desired.

    It is a time for breaking old patterns, clear reflection, and enhanced expression.


    The energy of the New Moon is a time of transformation, new beginnings and explosion of creative energy and personal growth. Crystals programmed at this time are powerful manifestations tools, that can be set as encouraging reminders to the bigger picture.