Is the loving creation of Natalia Torres Negreira.

 Natalia handcrafts each unique piece with presence and care.


" My journey all began with a love of succulents and all things cacti. I've been composing terrariums of all shapes and sizes for many years. This fascination quickly turned itself into something more when friends and family began ordering my pieces. Organically, Ruby and Frank began to expand and so did my creative inspiration. Alongside my love affair with plants came the need to dip my hands deeper into the earth - and so I began playing with clay. My hands quickly realised, after decades of practicing beauty and massage therapy, that clay is just another medium for that nurturing expression. So it comes out in my pieces, that each form has been lovingly crafted by these strong, sensitive hands. I have deliberate aesthetic in mind and bring that flavour to all of my Ruby and Frank creations."


  • A beautiful way of displaying your sacred treasures and Altar accessories.

    Unique little speckled clay plate handcrafted with care. Made from stunning Australian stoneware clay. Each piece is shaped and glazed entirely by hand, creating a gorgeous organic feel with no two pieces exactly the same.