Birth Keeper. Speaker of the ancient womens mysteries. Grandmother. Medicine Woman. Midwife.

Jane Hardwicke Collings speaks to the ancient knowing in all women. To the song that holds our wombs and the sacred bloods that unite us. 


Her workshop wisdom has united thousands of women in sacred circle. She speaks to the power and truth that ignites the flame of the feminine. She walks her talk and lights the way for us to deepen in support and empowerment. 


Her books allow these sacred insight into our homes and hearts with practical and sacred knowledge


Author of these amazing books, Jane is The Founder of The School of Shamanic Womancraft, and an absolute gift to the art of honouring the sacred feminine. 



Ten Moons: The Inner Journey of Pregnancy - By Jane Hardwicke Collings

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  • Valuable preparation for Natural Birth

    A unique guide to pregnancy and birth, written by homebirth midwife, mother and grandmother, Jane Hardwicke Collings.

    This book gives the power back to the woman to be the centre of her birthing universe, returning to her the keys to the long-locked gates of the realm of feminine strength and the spiritual essence of birth.


    "An Inner Journey is concerned with the spirit, the soul, the sacred. Your inner journey of pregnancy is there waiting for you, 

    It is a journey of self-discovery and trust. 

    Listen with the ears of your heart to the call from within that reminds you of your diivne nature and the sacredness of birth. Be guided by the goddess to a deeper, knowing part of you.

    Let go into this place and be you. This is the inner journey of pregnancy.