Shemana means the Elixir of Life.


Made with the highest of integrity, conscious thought, and ancient alchemical understandings.

Energetic coding and skilful presence go into every drop, making evolved ascension easy to apply to daily rituals of sensory, meditation, massage and skin care. 

Jaymie and Anna have incorporated their life work in the healing arts industries to offer a product with the desire to raise consciousness on the planet.

Weaving themselves into each perfume they blend, essence they create, and bottle of Elixir produced. Each product is carefully formulated and fits their ethos of cruelty-free, natural ingredients, organic where possible, enriching for the skin, enlightening for the spirit and damn right delicious in smell and feel. 

Their combined knowledge and skill set aligned their ancient connection in Sydney’s beachside town of Avalon, and there has been symbiosis ever since. Spreading their magic across Australia before their little bottles, launched through Free People, on America’s shores last year. 

They have moved their creation making up to the Byron Shire where they immerse into the ancient art of Alchemy to combine each activated botanical. 

Bringing forth a co-creation of multi-dimensions, encompassing their backgrounds in energy work, bodywork, and templates of understanding, they continue to fuse aromatherapy with solar infusions, flower and crystal essences with the best of the best in skin activators and superfood extracts.


Passionate about sharing Activated Crystalline Skincare with the world,

with the intention to offer everybody a sacred moment to align with their highest potential.

We endeavour to bring you the evolution of skincare.