​ We here at Shemana are very passionate about the sacred art of harnessing the energy of plant medicine. It is imperative to us that the origins of our botanicals are grown, harvested and sourced with the the highest integrity. ​

 The tradition of burning botanicals has been embraced by many cultures throughout time. Used for medical and therapeutic properties, as well as enhancing rituals, ceremonies, blessings and prayers. We honour the original custodians of this sacred wisdom and it is with gratitude and respect we pass these customs on. Our hopes are for all those on Earth to be able to experience the power of Nature's plants. ​

 We feel so blessed to have found the most incredible supplier for our White sage, Palo Santo and other varieties of smudge sticks. The independently owned family business is based in the United States of America and run their operations with diligent care, superior quality and an inspiring ethos. Below is information about their respectful and sustainable practices.


The White Sage comes directly from its natural habitat, in the mountain regions around California. The plants grow on hundreds of acres of private property where many different plants grow and wild animals roam. The land is quite beautiful, with quartz and even gold still scattered in the grounds. The plants that grow here are perfectly natural and have always grown here. Various flowers and other sage plants all seemingly grow together around the same areas. ​

These plants are not over harvested (when too much is taken from a plant, crop or species it can damage that species and make it difficult to recover). The owners and workers are highly knowledgeable about the various plants that grow here and are extremely careful not to harm the plants when they are picking.

 ​The pickers are extremely careful not to take too much from any plant, only the top flower from the stalk. This way the plant does not stress, it gives the lower flowers time to grow out and this also helps with spreading seeds in the area where more sage will grow. ​

The ground was littered with tiny new white sage plants! This is absolutely wonderful - picking our white sage and other sage plants literally spreads more seeds and produces more sage plants. This is absolutely the definition of sustainable harvesting. The ground is perfectly natural and the absolute best location for these types of plants to grow naturally. Lots of sun, excellent draining soil and not too much rain.

​We could not be more pleased with the family who owns and manages this land. Sincere, generous, kind and caring don't even begin to describe the people here. There are well over 100 local families who are supported by this single family's business and we can not speak highly enough of them and what they do.  


We are very proud to work with a supplier who takes great care in the collection of Palo Santo. The trade of Palo Santo is highly regulated in South America and it is illegal to cut down trees for consumer use. Therefore all of the Palo Santo we get comes from naturally fallen trees and limbs that are collected by the surrounding communities. There are several systems of checks and balances to make sure that the rules and law are followed when it comes to making Palo Santo products. ​

There are communities that live around the forests where Palo Santo trees grow in Piura, Peru, and they are responsible for collecting the Palo Santo wood. They never cut down trees because it's illegal but interestingly enough, also because there would be no special scent! Palo Santo trees have to lay in the sun and dry for a period of time to accumulate the scent that they have from their natural oils and resin. The communities describe their "harvesting" or "collecting" as if they were walking through the forest and cleaning it up - picking up branches and dead trees.

New Palo Santo trees are planted around the forest and the communities are working hard to get these areas classified as a protected forest to prevent damage and logging. New trees are planted every single year to make sure the Palo Santo species sticks around for a very long time.

 In fact, planting new saplings is actually a requirement of the Palo Santo producers given to them by their government. Not only are we doing everything we can to work with the proper vendors who care about the environment and this sacred plant, but this Palo Santo trade actually supports and feeds the local communities in Peru - they depend on it as a primary source of their small local economy. So now you know where our Palo Santo actually comes from!


Nature is our happy place and we take great joy spending time in it and collecting its beautiful offerings. We hand harvest the Australian native wildflowers ourselves, gathering fallen treasures from the forest floor or abundant foliage from family and friends properties around Byron Bay shire.

The Australian bush is our great teacher, we learn so much when we spend time with her, often revealing her secrets and sharing her wisdom. We hope to be able to pass these gifts onto you with our floral smudge wands and Australian Wildflower Essences.

 ​​ If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.