The Evolution

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What a journey!These last few months have been an epic ride, a tidal force recoding us and our little creations to the next evolution. It began with our baby girls, born 7 weeks apart, which allowed us to tag team our babymoons; reset, recharge and recalibrate. When we were both back ish, we knew we needed a third set of hands in the dispensary, enter the marvellous Rebekah, who allowed Jaymie to embrace and embody working ON the business more. After a short intense ride to the ethers, a new code landed in her third eye and translated in the shape of a logo, which felt to embody our purpose and intention ; Evolved Ascension. From there ..... a cascade of dominos at every turn.This Vera Wang of logos upped the ante and all aspects of the business started to evolve. A complete makeover ..... EVERYTHING is going to the next level."We were rebranding"...really?? With a 3 & a 5 month old?, in between nap times and bopping?? In our sleepless awake this was going down and we couldn't stop it... "Ok we will just move a bed into the office .... Annnddd sometimes carry them as twins while taking turns at the computer, .... hmmmm ....we can wrap post in between boob time and keep our hubbies from the farm when the girls need adventures, This new logo would look soooo amazing in metallic gold....lets find new label printers...the new labels looks soooo good .... lets find new bottles ....Its a whole new look ... lets do a new website... and new products... and upgrade the formulas... and make solar infusions .... and reactivate the essences .... and how about a new workshop program? ... and let's ...."Breath and giggle about the foolish things you do to keep your bub still feeling the joy, when the deadline sneaks up closer and closer.And all the while making each other feel loved and sane when you go to work in your Pjs 

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