Welcoming Taurus Season

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We’ve recently had quite the astrological intensity, with our strategies and boundaries up for refinement during Eclipse season. A fiery month of Aries pushing us to prioritise what’s best, Big Scorpio Full Moon bossing us around, and The messenger planet, Mercury finally going direct....

Now we embark on a cycle of grounded productivity. It's time for a collective pause, reflection and reset. This month, our focus is on abundance, pleasure and luxury, encouraging us to indulge in what feels good. It is a time to engage with the world through our senses and gently nurture our emotional field.

TAURUS NEW MOON 8TH MAY Anchoring this energy will be the New moon in Taurus on the 8th of May. The new moon phase is a time to plant new seeds and lay your intentions. Taurus energy can tend to have a stubborn edge to it, so use this constructively to not forget all the lessons we learnt during the previous phase, keep your boundaries strong, intentions clear and enter with integrity.


Taureans are creatures of comfort, so this is the season to focus on nourishment. Welcoming stability and self-security serve as your sanctuary. Align with the stars by allowing your most indulgent self to rule your world. This is your invitation to take a little extra time to enjoy the decadent life, welcome JOMO : (the joy of missing out), Tuck in, savor delicious food, reach for comfort and things that make you feel warm and cozy; making sure this season is full of self-care, rituals and filling your cup to embrace your essential need. Live like a Taurus and treat yourself! We have written 3 wellness rituals to support anchoring the highest expression of yourself. Your can find them on the other pages of this blog x 

Anchor with intention.

Embrace the Snuggle : A Ritual to Nurture your senses 

Earthly Delights 


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