A Gift of Love

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Embarking on a journey steeped in ritual luxury, Shemana's origins trace back to the creation of our signature Heart Oil, a divine elixir that ignited the passion fueling our endeavors today.

Elevating the essence of our beloved Heart Oil, crafted with care in a blend of opulent camellia oil, we unveil the latest gem in our collection: the enchanting Heart Mist.

Indulge in a lavish ritual as you mist your surroundings with this exquisite blend. With a graceful flick, infuse your home, your body, or your sacred space with an aura of love and nurturing support. Enveloped in the delicate fragrance of Vanilla and Rose essential oils, every spray invokes a moment of pure indulgence, a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the chaos of daily life.

But it's not just the fragrance that captivates the senses; it's the soul-stirring energy of precious crystals and flower vibrations that elevate this mist to unparalleled heights of luxury.

Within the heart of this elixir lies an alchemy of rare treasures:

- **KUNZITE** - Sparking Heart Activation, igniting the flames of passion within.
- **ROSE QUARTZ** - Offering the sacred gift of Forgiveness, a gentle balm for the soul.
- **PINK TOURMALINE** - Showering you with the divine Gift of Love, a reminder of your inherent worthiness.
- **RED SUVA FRANGIPANI** - Providing unwavering Heart Support, a comforting embrace in times of need.
- **SYDNEY ROSE** - Fostering Unity and Oneness, weaving threads of connection between all beings.
- **LITTLE FLANNEL** - Invoking the pure joy and Innocence of your inner child, a reminder to embrace life's simple pleasures.
- **FRINGED VIOLET** - Offering a shield of Protection, guarding your spirit against negativity and harm.

As Mother's Day approaches, gift yourself or a loved one with the epitome of luxury and self-care: our Heart Mist. Enveloped in opulence, it can stand alone as a symbol of indulgence or be cherished as part of our exclusive Heart Gift Box, featuring our bestselling Heart Oil and a bespoke self-care ritual, complete with a radiant rose quartz crystal.

Experience the allure of ritual luxury with Shemana's Heart Mist, where every spray is a lavish celebration of the beauty that resides within and around us.

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