A Ritual for Purity - with Shemana Face Serum

Posted by Anna Whiting on

A nightly ritual for Harmony, Higher Vision, Clear Thought and Intuition. Take the time before sleep every night to clear your mind and prepare for ultimate rejuvenation.Write a list of jobs for tomorrow or concerns to look at another time, make these appointments with self and stick to the date.If you have had an emotional day write in your journal, talk to a friend or take a moment to reflect with a cup of tea. Give yourself this time so you don't bring it all to bed with you.Gentle wash your face allowing any negative thoughts to be dissolved. Using a toner of choice align to positive thoughts, reflect on the goodness of the day giving gratitude for the gifts received.Take a moment to look into your own eyes, deepening duration each day till a loving long stare is comfortable. (Fake it till you make it is ok)With clear intention for welcoming a higher vision drip a few drops of Shemana Face Serum into your fingertips. As you smooth onto your face allow the elixirs of Purity and Harmony to soothe your mind and skin. With superfood extracts of kakadu plum and pomegranate you are literally feeding your Skin with antioxidants and powerful agents. Circling your eyes, activating your third eye for higher vision. Let your self dream and journey to the potential self and all the beauty you create in the world. Continue to massage into neck and décolletage area aligning your visions of mind with visions of the heart. allowing all your dreams to come true. Climb into your pjs, lay your dream journal next to you and dream big my friends. for we are only limited by the confines of our own mind xxDo this ritual nightly for a more profound sleep state. ENJOY! 

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