An interview with Jane Hardwicke Collings

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I've had the privilege of knowing Jane since my early 20s, and for anyone who's crossed paths with her or delved into her writings, it's evident she's been an immensely impactful figure in my life. From her incredible journey as a mother and midwife to her profound communication skills and her embodiment of the sacred feminine, Jane has left an indelible mark.

I'll never forget the morning of my first moon lodge ceremony at Jane's Apple Tree home. Waking up to find a handwritten note on my pillow, I learned that I would be leading the Red Tent ceremony in her absence, guiding young maidens and their mothers through this sacred ritual. Initially overwhelmed with self-doubt, I ultimately drew strength from Jane's belief in me.

That day unfolded into a truly magical experience, a celebration of womanhood and a passage into maturity for those present. Guided by Jane's wisdom, we honored the journey of menarche, embracing the wisdom of elder women and the red thread that connects us all. Through storytelling and reflection, I found myself deeply connecting with my own journey and embracing my vulnerabilities and strengths.

Jane's wisdom continues to resonate deeply with me—it's grounding, authentic, and life-affirming. And now, I'm thrilled to have Jane herself here to share more about her remarkable work.

Greetings, Jane. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us.

Could you share which archetypes resonate with you the most?

Jane: Certainly. I resonate deeply with the Priestess, Warrioress, Warrior Queen, and Midwife archetypes.

How would you describe your work?

Jane: I call it "the women's mysteries."

What led you to explore the sacred path you've chosen?

Jane: My own life experiences, particularly my time as a midwife attending to women at the 'birth altar,' and the convergence of my interests in midwifery and shamanic practices.

How do you incorporate Shamanism into your offerings?

Jane: I offer magical potions to support women in circle settings.

Where are you based, and where can people find more about you?

Jane: I'm based in Australia, and you can find more about me at and

Could you share some of your daily or weekly self-care rituals?

Jane: Certainly. I start my day with chi gong, meditation, and prayer, followed by a conscious walk in the forest to connect with nature. In the evening, I indulge in a bathing ritual, and I offer prayers during the Full, Dark, and New Moons. Gardening is also an essential part of my self-care routine.

What's currently igniting your passion, and what's next for you?

Jane: I'm excited about my upcoming book, "Blood Rites, Blood Rights," which explores the spiritual practice of menstruation. Additionally, I'm working on e-courses focusing on menopause, shedding menstrual shame, and awakening the earth priestess within.

Thank you so much, Jane, for your time, your impactful work, and your inspiring passion within the community.


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