Day Out of Time

Posted by Anna Whiting on

The ancient Mayans were amazing trackers of time, using the sun, moon and stars to align with.Their temples were built in honour of this, and the wisdom left behind speaks to us of natural rythyms and returning to the stars. Many moons ago i was travelling in Canada when i found myself at an Earth Wizards Intensive with Jose Arguelles. He was a spokesperson of the "time is now" movement, and author of The Mayan Factor that shares about sacred time signatures. The Mayan timekeepers called their calender the Tzolkin (a division of days) and Jose called it the Dreamspell. Integrated in perfect mathematical accurancy, this calender follows the 13 lunations of the solar year, not the pattern of 12 months that we use in most of today's modern world. This 13 moon calender reveals the synchronistic and cyclical patterns of time in nature and the nature of time.As Sirius rises with the Sun tomorrow we have a closing of the 13 x 28 day year. This day, July 25th, re aligns the 13 moon calender to the solar year. It is a day of sacred pause known as the Day out of Time.This sacred day inspires us to take a break from our usual business and the reliancy on mechanic time, to free ourselves from operating in a different time signature to the environment around us.  To sink into the natural rythyms of connection and creativity. A day to reconnect, reset and celebrate life before the new cycle begins. 

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