Super Moon, Super You.

Posted by Anna Whiting on

RITUAL FOR THIS POWERFUL FULL MOON IN TAURUSBuild an Earth Alter.Can be on the earth, or dedicated to her. Use feathers, crystals, flowers, rocks, leaves and water. Decorate and take care in the detail and placement, allow each piece to mean something special to you. By your alter, sit in stillness, breath up from the Earth and ignite your belly with full and powerful breaths. Bring your whole awareness deep to your lower centres, welcome energy up and all the way through your core to your crown. Clear your mind and keep allowing your belly to warm, nurture and power up. Pay special attention to your solar plexus; your internal sun. Let this centre build in radiance as all the mental energy clears. Spray yourself with Shaman Mist and remember your true potential and power within. Build this Mana ( power ) as often as you need, by adding to your sacred space and taking time to meditate here. Drawing awareness within, and activating stability.A shelter for our sacrednees. Drink lots of water today and continue to breath, allow this super moon energy to illuminate the spaces within your own field. Tonight, light a candle to the reflection you would like to see in the world, even write down a wish and give some extra care to yourself and your loved ones.  Bring power back from anywhere it is wondering, and switch of your phone every now and again. Let the beautiful sacred bubble of your homespace fill your dreams and nourish you with ancient remembering of the simplicity of grounding, breathing and being present. 

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