The tides

Posted by Anna Whiting on

The tides have turned with this full moon and it's important to anchor into who we are in this present time. Most of us have had a big journey leading to the now, so this weekend savour in presence and honour all aspects of who you have grown into. Lunar ritual Sacred spaces Stand in the heart centre of your home, and breath into your own core. Bringing all aspects to the now, mist yourself with Crystal Clear for its smokeless smudge properties. Surrender the past with a few long deep breaths and tune into what is present for you now. Listen to the deeper dialogue of your inner voice and be honest about what is present here now. Reset and realign the alters around your home. Bringing awareness to who you are now and where you are putting your energy this next cycle. Place candles and crystals in patterns that reflect your current experience and intentions. Pull oracle cards and decorate your mantle with representations of your heart space. Pick fresh flowers for your vases, put away old clutter and place books you are excited to read in reach. Let your space be a reflection of your current inner desires and wishes, breath into the inner space and let this growing light be reflected to yourself in your home. 

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