Solid Gold Alchemy

Posted by Anna Whiting on

A favourite poem popped up on my insta feed today..."The only Transformer and Alchemist that turns everything to Gold is Love. The only magic against death, ageing, ordinary life, is Love." Anais Nin And it reminded me i haven't shared with you all about our new and amazing Alchemy Healing Oil Its jam packed full of so much goodness, and is fast becoming a favourite. Firstly of course is LOVE, and intention... as all of our elixirs are.Secondly we created a Herbal Solar Infusion packed with 24 K Gold, and all our favourite skin healing herbs.Next, we blended a new essential oil perfume, with our always prominent vanilla lushness, this one takes us on a sensory journey of deep resins and subtle highs. And then to top it off we added an ancient alchemy essence with the crystal codes of transformation, and a sacred undertone of desert wildflowers i collected on my last trip to Uluru. This Alchemy Oil can be used on the face, and body... try it on all those areas that need extra Healing... to transform, protect, and regenerate! Poem credit via @angeliniorganics x

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