Supermoon Supercharged

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Tonights supermoon in Gemini is the last of the year and first in a trilogy of lunar influence. I can always feel the tides shift as a Gemini Moon rises and my mind does the leaps and hurdles of its ultimate Air quality. And with mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini) in retrograde we could all be getting in our own way, even more than usual! There is a strong ability to create our ultimate scenarios right now, if we wade through the fog and allow patience to bring forth even better plans. It's time to shift any inhibitors that can come with creating our potential reality.What better way to do that, but to free the HEART!So this ritual is just that; an expanse and freedom of the heart, so we may open ourselves to our highest vision. And perhaps even welcome a better plan to be revealed. You will need ...Heart OilA Candle Sacred SpaceA Bowl of WaterTurn off your phone, light a candle as you call yourself present, connect to the floor in whatever way you are comfy. Meditation time in your sacred space, with deep exhales. Presence until you can sit in the stillness of your heart.Listen to your inner voice, and perhaps ask how your heart is doing right now x Gently Pour out a little heart oil into your hands, and rub them together warming and breathing into the oil. Continue to bring awareness to breath and heart throughout this whole sacred time. Place both hands to your heart centre and welcome patience, as these moments are so important to self care, joy and the relationships we create.Massage with your fingertips all the spaces in between your rib bones from sternum out to shoulder and nipple, find all the sore places and keep listening to your heart as you soften mind and these protective layers, be gentle with thought and release all judgement. Continue to massage your chest area and as you pull away any tension see it being removed from your body and unblocking any holdings or resistance. Whenever you feel a tension zone place your fingertips in the bowl and let any emotion or energy drift into the water. Massage until you can breath clear and open through your heart and lungs. Feel mind and heart as one. When you feel deeply relaxed and held, blow out your candle with gratitude for its illumination of your sacred space. Take your bowl outside into the magic of this supercharged supermoon. Pour out your water to the Earth letting go and releasing. Take some deep breaths  into your clear open heart and smile as you are already exactly where you are meant to be. Give thanks to the earth and to anyone who has allowed this time for you, including yourself. 

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