Supermoon Supercharged

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Tonight's Gemini supermoon marks the culmination of lunar magnificence for the year, heralding the beginning of a trilogy of celestial influence. As the Gemini Moon ascends, I sense the subtle shift in tides, and my mind, attuned to its airy essence, embarks on leaps and bounds. Yet, with Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, in retrograde, the potential for self-sabotage looms larger than ever. Amidst the cosmic dance, there lies a potent opportunity to manifest our wildest dreams, provided we navigate through the haze with patience, sculpting superior plans from the mist. It's time to dismantle any barriers hindering the realization of our envisioned realities. What better way to embark on this journey than by liberating the heart? Thus, this ritual serves as an ode to the expansiveness and liberation of the heart, paving the way for us to embrace our loftiest visions and perhaps unveil even grander designs. For this ritual, gather: - Heart Oil - A Candle - Sacred Space - A Bowl of Water Begin by disconnecting from the digital world, lighting a candle to signify your presence, and grounding yourself in your sacred space. Sink into meditation, drawing deep breaths until you find solace within the stillness of your heart. Listen intently to your inner voice, gently inquiring about the state of your heart in the present moment. Now, pour a small amount of heart oil into your palms, warming it with your breath and intention. Maintain a conscious connection to your breath and heart throughout the ritual. Place your hands over your heart center, invoking patience as you embark on this journey of self-care and relationship nurturing. With gentle fingertips, massage the spaces between your rib bones, from sternum to shoulder, seeking out any tension or resistance. Soften your mind and release judgment as you unravel these protective layers. Continue massaging your chest, visualizing tension dissipating and energetic blockages dissolving into the water-filled bowl. Whenever you encounter a knot of tension, dip your fingertips into the bowl, allowing emotions to flow freely. Massage until your heart and lungs breathe freely, unified in purpose and clarity. When you feel deeply relaxed and supported, extinguish the candle with gratitude for its guiding light. Carry the bowl outside, under the enchanting glow of the supermoon, and pour its contents onto the Earth, releasing and surrendering to the universe's embrace. Breathe deeply into your newly liberated heart and offer thanks to the Earth and all beings who have facilitated this sacred moment, including yourself. With a clear heart and open mind, smile, knowing you are precisely where you are meant to be.

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